Beach Volleyball still on the Rise with the fall of AVP

the Rise of beach volleball

If you were wondering whether or not beach volleyball is going to die or not, consider this.  NCAA is now adding scholarships to recruit for Div I beach "sand" volleyball players.  While AVP still tries to claim it's territory as the sole name in professional beach volleyball, it appears as though colleges are jumping in on the continued rise of this athletic activity.

All across the nation, beach volleyball tournaments continue to pop up.  Players continue to experience of love the game of 2 on 2 sand volleyball.  Players find that they experience more involvement in each play rather than a 6 on 6 setting.  The sand is sometimes better on the knees than hardwood flooring.  And who can complain about being at the beach all day?

Another example that beach volleyball is still growing is in the story of Sara Hughes.  She is a highly talented volleyball player in both indoor and outdoor, but has chosen to pursue beach volleyball instead of indoor.  The truth is, there is more of a possibility for decent professional income even without the U.S.'s AVP in the market.  There simply is not a large after-college market for indoor volleyball. 

There is just something about the challenging, yet exhilerating game of beach volleyball that allows it to grow even with the fall of AVP.  It is clear that when the AVP fell, it did not mean the end of beach volleyball.  Instead, the interest has continued to grow more than ever and with the possibility of a better professional beach volleyball association avialable, I am excited to watch for the future of this sport!